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re: Magwap - Havoc DH



 Character Name: Magwap

Class:Demon Hunter
Main Spec: HAvod
Off-spec; are you comfortable/do you enjoy playing it?:Yes, though I haven't tanked any NH yet.
Current Server:Terenas
Please link your Armory page:



1.  We are a group of adults who enjoy playing the game with adults - are you an adult?: 

Yes, I am 28 years old, have a wife, maybe a kid next year.


2.  Tell us about yourself!  A little bit about you in RL, what you like to do in the game when not raiding, etc:

I graduated from Auburn University in 2011 with a degree in Communication and a minor in Business administration. I've worked a few different places, but now work out of my house as a remote sales guy for a company in HQ'd in North Carolina. I have a wife who absolutley despises video games, 2 dogs, and play competitive tennis Saturday Mornings and Wednesday Nights. I've played Tennis at a competitive level for about 12 years now, and have played wow off and on (mainly on) since 2006, raiding MC and never having enough DKP points for my tier gear.

3.  We raid Tuesday & Thursday evenings 8:30 – 11:30 Eastern.  Is this an issue?

 I don't typically have anything planned though nights, and am in Eastern time zone. 

4.  Since we raid 2 days a week, regular attendance is mandatory and absences should be at a minimum.  Do you foresee this being a problem with your schedule?:

 The only thing that ever pops up is my wife. Being honest up front, if she plans something at the last second and it interferes with a raid, i'm typically going to go with that. However, she works a pretty demanding job and is usually in bed pretty early some nights, so it shouldn't be a big issue. 

5.  Are you familiar with Vent and able to use it?



6.  We like to keep relaxed raids, but we are serious about getting bosses down.  1) Are you able to be patient while we learn fights as a group or do you tend to rage after the 8th wipe on a new fight? 2) Are you a quick learner or do you take a few attempts to correct your mistakes (there isn’t a wrong answer)?

Pretty quick learner, but then again nobody every says "nah i'm pretty dumb." I have been pugging the NH and EN this expansion, I was in a very large guild but wasn't included in the raids mainly because I told myself coming back to the game that I would be   

7.  The best way for us to know you as a player is to see logs.  Please link recent logs (even if it’s just LFR):

 I've never done this, i think this is correct:

(Keep in mind, this is before I got my dps legendary head. I rand an LFR which I have saved in Skada, sustained 2 mil. on Skorp.

8.  Tell us about your raiding history.:

 My first raid was a trial run in 2006 thru Molten Core. I finished vanilla wow having downed most of the bosses in MC and BWL, as well as Onyxia. I only played back then on Fridays and Saturdays, so it was difficult to try to balance raiding with being a kid in highschool and having a social life. In college I raided a bit of BC, but I was in a college Fraternity and that first semester left little time for raiding. I eventually got a few of my friends into (whom I still play with today) and we started raiding Uldar and ICC. My buddy and I 2 healed our group thru ICC (I was resto shaman, he was resto druid). I came back at the very end of cata and only raided LFR there. Same with Mists, I was mainly at the end of that expansion and mainly raided lfr and normal to get the heirlooms Honestly, running thru the last raid back then over and over again for months was draining, so I left the game. WoD I played all the way thru until before flying was released, and hot a her heroic bosses down in Highmaul. 

To list out all experience:

MC, Ony, BWL, ZG, AQ, NAXX, Kara, Grull, Eye, Magisters Terrace, OS, Archavon, EoE, New Nax, ToC, Uldar, ICC,New Ony, Ruby Sanctum, Bastion of Twilight, To4W, Blackwing, a ton of Firelands, Dragon Soul, Mogu, Terrace, Heart of Fear, Throne of Thunder, SoO, BRF, Hellfire, All current raids of Legion. 

9.  How many guilds have you been in and why are you looking to leave your current guild?

 Playing since 2005ish I have been in a ton. A lot of them break up after having new expansions, some of them fall apart for other reasons. I've never been really involved in the higher-ups, I'm typically a log-in, raid, have fun, go to bed type player. 

10.  Why did you apply to The Stonecutters?

 I'm looking to get invovled with a raid who is performing at a high level. I came back into the game at the end of WoD thinking that I wasn't going to try to be a competitive raider, but I'm finding that is really where I have my most fun.


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