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re: Alasha - Frost DK


Character Name: Alasha

Class: Death Knight

Main Spec: Frost

Off-spec; are you comfortable/do you enjoy playing it?: I offspec Blood, but I hate tanking with it. I much prefer Pally and Monk tanks

Current Server: Emerald Dream

Please link your Armory page:

We are a group of adults who enjoy playing the game with adults - are you over 24?: No, I am 21 years old

Tell us about yourself!  A little bit about you in RL, what you like to do in the game when not raiding, any special tricks, etc: My name is Lyle, I'm a 3rd year Chemistry Major at the University of Maine. I'm in Delta Tau Delta fraternity, and I sit on the Inter Fraternal Council Executive board for the University. I also work at a supermarket as a supervisor and enjoy riding my motorcycle. Theres a bunch more I'm probably leaving out, but I'm awful at describing myself and my interests

We raid Wednesday & Thursday evenings 8:30 – 11:30 Eastern.  Is this an issue? No, these times work well

Since we raid 2 days a week, regular attendance is mandatory and absences should be at a minimum.  Do you foresee this being a problem with your schedule?: No

Are you familiar with Vent and able to use it? - Yes

We do run with a small bench, are you okay sitting some fights and not being in every progression fight? (We are fair about our groups, but you won’t be in every fight): This should be no problem

We currently distribute loot on  /roll/don’t be a dick but will give loot to a player if it benefits their raiding spec and our group composition more.  Is this a problem for you?: No

We like to keep relaxed raids, but we are serious about getting bosses down.  1) Are you able to be patient while we learn fights as a group or do you tend to rage after the 8th wipe on a new fight? 2) Are you a quick learner or do you take a few attempts to correct your mistakes (there isn’t a wrong answer)? Yes and yes. I am very patient.

The best way for us to know you as a player is to see logs.  Please link recent logs (even if it’s just LFR): I didn't have the uploader downloaded, so I don't currently have logs.

Tell us about your raiding history.: 14/14 Heroic SoO. Did not raid prior

How many guilds have you been in and why are you looking to leave your current guild? I have been in 2 guilds thus far. My current guild is Resolute(A) on Emerald Dream. It was originally Rebellion, but due to leadership issues, it was merged with Resolute. After Rebellion fell apart, my place on the raid team was taken due to original members of Resolute taking the spots.

Do you know any current members of The Stonecutters?: Not to my knowledge, but hey, its a small world!

Why did you apply to The Stonecutters?: I have been looking for a new guild after my current one no longer needs me. I want a mature environment with fun people to play with and enjoy raiding with. 

Why do you think you’d be a great addition to our team?: I'm a fast learner, mature, and can take criticism when needed. I may not have extensive raid experience in expansions beyond MoP, but I believe that my raid knowledge is where it needs to be. I am always looking for ways to improve and can adapt to different roles when I am needed to. 

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re: Alasha - Frost DK


He's found a new guild

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